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I just have to say I am so greatful for Tuffy. Me and my best friend went on our first solo road trip together and her car almost didn't make it. About 1/4 of the way home (Chicago land area) her car was shaking and just not fairing well with the service engine soon light flashing. We stopped at an auto zone and had them run the code and were told we needed to head to a mechanic ASAP. We found Tuffy and they were able to quickly diagnose what was wrong. Sadly we did have to stay overnight (but to be fair they close at 6 and we pulled in at 4). Thankfully they were able to finish up within the hour and we were well on our way. I'm so greatful for their kind demeanor, quick and accurate service, and the free wifi.

— Tiffany P., Bolingbrook , MI

Tuffy is very good to there customers and very fair,I’ve always taken my vehicles to tuffy and never been overwhelmed by prices and they are very professional.

— regina T., Holland , MI

Today I have had THE BEST EXPERIENCE with Nick at the Holland location! He is pleasant, knowledgeable, extremely desirous to help, and willing to take the time to answer questions. He obviously has the safety and satisfaction of his customers in the forefront of his mind!

— Judi H., Holland, MI

Fast and great service! Very helpful in getting us the best deal!

— David B., Holland, MI

I have been taking my cars to Tuffy of Holland for the last 10 plus years. They have always been honest and professional and the best customer service around.

— Kevin J., Holland, MI

We brought our car in due to the steering wheel steering very tightly, and a service engine light that was on. After spending nearly $2700 we drove out with the same problem. The first day we brought the car home it died in our driveway. We towed it back to them, had it gone over again... still had the steering problem, and service engine light on. We took it back a 3rd time, and was told the steering should improve, and to ignore the service engine light... a sensor had been replaced. We finally HAD IT with this shop, and went to another shop. They diagnosed and fixed both problems for another $780 and the car now steers fine, and the service engine light is off. We went back in to Tuffy to negotiate the bill, and questioned if the parts that had been replaced, really needed to be replaced. We settled on a credit of $420. We now have $3100 dollars in repairs tied up in a $5500 car!!! I would not recommend Tuffy to anyone else. Our car was misdiagnosed, and we should have not been sent away with a car with poor steering and a service engine light still on.

— lori a., Zeeland, MI

I had one of the guys (Patrick Hall) there tell me that I needed to swap my engine because it was overheating. Instead of fixing my head gasket which was the problem, he told me it would be cheaper if I replace the engine. He found an engine that only had 59,0000 miles to it. Warranty for the life I had my vehicle. So good to be true, right? Wrong!! ! Needless to say I was totally scammed out of $1500 and the guy never did the swap. I only know this is because I took my car to another mechanic and they pointed out that none of the wires and screws were moved or even been messed with and the fact that it was rusted leads them to believe that it was never swapped!! I even called Tuffy and the mentioned they couldn't help me because it was a side job!! WTF it was an employee of yours doing the work in your shop!! The worst part of this is the guy that fix my car got fired before I was able to get any reciept of my payment and the new motor. I know stupid me!! Proves to show I can't trust these people at Tuffy, they are scammers!! Beware all customers they are not legit!!! Sincerely, The one who got royally screwed

— Nicole H., Holland, MI

My car broke down while visiting the Tulip Festival in Holland MI. My car was towed on a Friday night late to Tuffy's. We had an excellent experience. Staff was friendly and even though they were booked, they got us in, repaired, and back on the road before noon. The company has a new SOS policy that is designed to help stranded motorists get service quickly. We were stranded and so thankful for the awesome service we received. I have nothing but good things to say about our experience at Tuffy's in Holland, MI!

— Christine O., Belleville, IL

Okay, who gives Tuffy a 5 star rating...right? I mean, they are one of those "do-everything" type auto-repair places that seem generic. Well, in the case of this Tuffy in Holland...they deserve the rating!

— Matt R., East Lansing, MI

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